BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Thermostat And Connections


WARNING: Danger of scalding! Only perform this work after engine has cooled down.


Catch and dispose of drained coolant in a suitable container.

Observe country-specific waste-disposal regulations.

IMPORTANT: Protect plug connections against coolant and contamination.

Cover plug connections with suitable materials.

Necessary preliminary tasks:

NOTE: For purposes of clarity, the picture and text refer to the component when removed.

Unfasten hose clip (1).

For tightening torque refer to 11 53 5AZ.

Remove coolant hose.

Unfasten hose clip (2).

For tightening torque refer to 11 53 6AZ.

Remove coolant hose.

Unlock and detach coolant hose (3).

Unlock and detach coolant hose (4).

Disconnect plug connection (5).

Release screws (6).

For tightening torque refer to 11 53 1AZ.

Remove coolant thermostat (7).

Assemble engine.

Thermostat And Connections
Fig. 262: Hose Clips, Hoses, Screws, Coolant Thermostat And Plug Connection


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