BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Engine, General


 Danger Of Poisoning If Oil Is Ingested/Absorbed Through The Skin

Danger of poisoning! Ingesting oil or absorbing through the skin may cause poisoning! Possible symptoms are: Headaches Dizziness Stomach aches Vomiting Diarrhoea Cramps/fits Unconsciousness P

 Checking Absolute Compression Of All Cylinders

Diagnosis and Information System (DIS) Fig. 4: Identifying Diagnosis And Information System (DIS) Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove acoustic cover. Unfasten screws. Raise acoustic cover and remov

 Securing Engine In Installation Position (N62)

Special tools required: 00 0 200 00 0 202 00 0 204 00 0 208 00 0 451 00 0 452 11 0 000 WARNING: Danger of injury! Owing to the new guidelines on pedestrian protection, side panels are no long


 Replacing Battery Negative Lead

WARNING: Observe safety instructions for handling vehicle battery. Follow instructions for disconnecting and connecting battery. IMPORTANT: Do not under any circumstances use force to pull/lever off Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS). Necessary preliminary tasks: Raise luggage compartment floor tr

 Replacing Shaft Seal For Right Output Shaft

Special tools required: 31 4 160 Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove right output shaft. Lever shaft seal (1) out of bearing block with a screwdriver (2). Fig. 125: Identifying Shaft Seal And Screwdriver Installing shaft seal: NOTE: The installation protective ring (1) serves to protect the

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