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BMW X5: Replacing Shaft Seal For Left Output Shaft

BMW X5 (G05) 2019-2023 Service & Repair Manual / Front Axle / Output Shaft / Replacing Shaft Seal For Left Output Shaft

Special tools required:

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Lever shaft seal (1) out of front differential with a screwdriver (2).

Front Axle
Fig. 122: Identifying Shaft Seal And Screwdriver

Installing shaft seal:

NOTE: The installation protective ring (1) serves to protect the sealing lips on shaft seal (2) when the output shaft is being installed.

Front Axle
Fig. 123: Identifying Shaft Seal And Protective Ring

IMPORTANT: Installation protective ring must not slip out of shaft seal!

Drive in shaft seal with special tool 31 4 160 as far as it will go.

Carefully remove special tool 31 4 160.

Open installation protective ring (1).

Check front differential oil level , correct if necessary.

Front Axle
Fig. 124: Identifying Protective Ring And Special Tool (31 4 160)


 Replacing Shaft Seal For Right Output Shaft

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Special tools required: 33 2 111 33 2 115 33 2 116 33 2 117 33 2 118 33 2 160 33 2 201 33 2 202 33 2 203 33 2 205 33 2 207 33 2 208 33 5 070 WARNING: Risk of injury! It is not permitted



Follow the following when refueling General information Follow the fuel recommendation prior to refueling. When refueling, insert the filler nozzle completely into the filler pipe. Lifting up the filler nozzle during refueling causes: Premature switching off. Reduced return of the fuel vapors.

 System limits - Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go function ACC

System limits System limits of the sensors Additional information: Cameras Radar sensors Detection range The detection capability of the system and the automatic braking performance are limited. Two-wheeled vehicles for instance might not be detected. Deceleration The system does not decelerate

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