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BMW X5: Replacing Backrest Cover For Left Or Right Front Seat (Normal/Semi-Electric)

BMW X5 (G05) 2019-2023 Service & Repair Manual / Seats / Front Seat, Normal, Manual / Replacing Backrest Cover For Left Or Right Front Seat (Normal/Semi-Electric)

Special tools required:

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Detach plug connection (1) by twisting from backrest frame.

Disconnect plug-in connection.

Front Seat, Normal, Manual
Fig. 12: Detaching Plug Connection

Release all retainers (1) on cover.

Remove cover.

Front Seat, Normal, Manual
Fig. 13: Identifying Retainers

For A/C optional extra only:

Disconnect cable strap (1) on wiring harness for fan.

Disconnect plug connections (2).

Front Seat, Normal, Manual
Fig. 14: Identifying Cable Strap And Plug Connections

Unhook backrest cover at retaining points in area (1).

Front Seat, Normal, Manual
Fig. 15: Identifying Unhook Backrest Cover At Retaining Points

Unhook backrest cover (1) at bottom and sides towards front.

Pull off backrest cover (1) with padding towards top from backrest frame (2).

Front Seat, Normal, Manual
Fig. 16: Identifying Backrest Cover

Release all retainers.

Remove backrest cover (1) from padding.

Remove all remnants of clips from backrest cover (1) and padding.

Front Seat, Normal, Manual
Fig. 17: Identifying Backrest Cover


Bend new retainer (2) closed with pliers 52 0 050.

  1. Padding
  2. Retainer
  3. Trim wire in padding
  4. Trim wire in backrest cover
  5. Backrest cover

Front Seat, Normal, Manual
Fig. 18: Identifying Special Tool (52 0 050)

Remove trim threads (1) from backrest cover.

(2) Seat heater cable


Push trim threads (1) into new backrest cover.

If necessary, cut into new component.

Front Seat, Normal, Manual
Fig. 19: Identifying Trim Threads

Lever out locking strip of head restraint guide with special tool 00 9 317.


Mount straight front face of head restraint guide towards front.

Front Seat, Normal, Manual
Fig. 20: Identifying Special Tool (00 9 317)


WARNING: US/CDN front passenger seat (with OC3 mat) only: The padding can only be removed in conjunction with the OC3 mat.

If padding is defective, both parts may only be replaced together After fitting new padding, enable OC3 mat with BMW diagnosis system

The operation for removing the padding with/without OC3 mat is described in:

Enabling seat occupancy detector (OC3 mat):


Operation is described in:

Remove backrest cover for front seat.


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