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BMW X5: Other Flaps


NOTE: The illustration is a schematic representation and is to be applied to the relevant vehicle type.

Open fuel filler flap.

Lever out lock (2) and detach fuel filler flap (1) in direction of arrow.

Other Flaps
Fig. 238: Identifying Fuel Filler Flap


Necessary preliminary tasks:

NOTE: Carry over schematic representation to the relevant vehicle type.

IMPORTANT: Deformation of the sheet metal flanges in the side panel and the wheel arch results in permanent vehicle leakage. Carry out removal/installation with great care.

Following new body parts are required:

  1. Filler bowl

Other Flaps
Fig. 239: Identifying Filler Bowl

Turn sleeve (1) through approx. 45º and pull out in direction of arrow.

Other Flaps
Fig. 240: Identifying Sleeve

Press retaining strap (1) inwards and lift out (see arrow).

Pierce cover bowl at markings (3) with a small screwdriver.

Remove cover (2).

Other Flaps
Fig. 241: Identifying Retaining Strap And Cover

NOTE: Illustrations shows fuel filler pipe removed.

Release rubber seal from sheet metal flange.

Other Flaps
Fig. 242: Identifying Rubber Seal

Insert screwdriver to a depth of max. 5 mm and unlock cover bowl catch.

Other Flaps
Fig. 243: Unlocking Cover Bowl Catch

Keep cover bowl tensioned with pliers (2).

Unlock catches individually with screwdriver (1).

Unlock catches in following order:

  1. Top left
  2. Bottom left
  3. Top right
  4. Bottom right

Move screwdriver in opposite direction at both lower catches.

Other Flaps
Fig. 244: Unlocking Catches

Open hinge arm (1).

IMPORTANT: Do not damage sheet metal flange of side panel.

Carefully twist out cover bowl (2) at first at rear in direction of arrow from side panel and remove.

Other Flaps
Fig. 245: Identifying Hinge Arm And Cover Bowl


Open hinge arm.

Turn sealing sleeve in area of hinge inwards and hold.

Insert cover bowl and engage sealing sleeve over fuel filler pipe.

Other Flaps
Fig. 246: Inserting Cover Bowl And Engage Sealing Sleeve Over Fuel Filler Pipe


Using fitting aid (1), pull sealing lip (2) over sheet metal flange of wheel arch (3).

Other Flaps
Fig. 247: Pulling Sealing Lip


Illustrations shows fuel filler pipe removed.

Check that sealing lip is correctly seated.

Other Flaps
Fig. 248: Identifying Rubber Seal


Cover bowl must snap into place 4 times.

After installing, carefully check cover bowl at clips for secure seating.

There must be no discernible gap between sealing lip and side panel in area (1).

Other Flaps
Fig. 249: Identifying Sealing Lip



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