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BMW X5: Removing And Installing/Replacing Left Or Right Head Airbag

BMW X5 (G05) 2019-2024 Service & Repair Manual / Parts And Accessories / Airbag Generator-Airbag / Removing And Installing/Replacing Left Or Right Head Airbag

WARNING: Read and comply with safety regulations for handling airbag modules and pyrotechnical belt tensioners.

Incorrect handling can activate airbag and cause injury.

A damaged head airbag must be replaced.

A damaged head airbag exhibits an impaired protective function and in extreme cases loses its protective function altogether.

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Installation summary, retaining elements, head airbag:

Airbag Generator-airbag
Fig. 34: Identifying Gas Generator, Retaining Screws And Head Airbag

  1. Gas generator
  2. Retaining screws, gas generator
  3. Retaining screws, holder for folding pack
  4. Folding pack, head airbag
  5. Retaining screw, anchor fitting, A-pillar

IMPORTANT: When removing head airbag, do not damage

Release screw (1) on A-pillar.

Tightening torque. Release retaining screws (2).

Tightening torque. Remove deformation plate (3).

Airbag Generator-airbag
Fig. 35: Identifying Deformation Plate

Release screw (1).

Tightening torque.


Folding pack is under tab washer.

Airbag Generator-airbag
Fig. 36: Identifying Screw

Release screws (1).

Tightening torque.

Airbag Generator-airbag
Fig. 37: Identifying Screws

Unlock and disconnect plug (3) for gas generator (2).

Release screws (1).

Tightening torque.

Remove gas generator (2) in direction of arrow.


Gas generator is coded against incorrect installation.

Airbag Generator-airbag
Fig. 38: Removing Gas Generator



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