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BMW X5: Removing And Installing Or Replacing Both Rear Brake Discs

BMW X5 (G05) 2019-2024 Service & Repair Manual / Brakes / Brakes - Repair Instructions / Rear Brakes / Removing And Installing Or Replacing Both Rear Brake Discs

Special tools required:

Necessary preliminary tasks:

After completing work:

Check minimum brake disc thickness:

New brake linings may only be installed if the brake disc thickness is greater than or equal to the minimum brake disc thickness (MIN TH).

If the brake discs are replaced, you must also fit new brake linings.

Always replace brake discs in pairs.

Fig. 52: Identifying Special Tool (34 1 280)

Release screws (1) and detach brake caliper mounting bracket.


Tightening torque 34 21 2AZ.

Fig. 53: Removing Brake Caliper Screw

IMPORTANT: To release brake disc: Do not under any circumstances strike friction ring with a hammer or similar! If necessary, carefully tap on base of brake disc chamber with a rubber mallet.

Clean contact surface of brake disc at wheel hub thoroughly and remove traces of corrosion.

Unevenness on contact surface may result in distortion of brake disc!

Release screw (1) and remove brake disc (2).

Fig. 54: Identifying Brake Disc Screw


Replace screw.

Tightening torque 34 21 1AZ.


Necessary preliminary tasks:

Press clutch pedal down to floor and secure with pedal support.

NOTE: The pedal support may only be released when the brake lines are reconnected..

This prevents brake fluid from emerging from the expansion tank and air from entering the system when the brake lines are opened.

Fig. 55: Locating Brake Pedal Knob

Detach retaining clip (1) in direction of arrow.


Retaining clip must be felt and heard to snap into place.

Disconnect brake hose from brake line (2).

IMPORTANT: Grip brake hose at square head (3) to prevent connecting piece from turning in retaining bracket.

Disconnect brake hose from brake line (2).


Tightening torque 34 32 1AZ.

Fig. 56: Detaching Retaining Clip

Detach brake hose from brake caliper (1).


Tightening torque 34 32 3AZ.

Fig. 57: Identifying Brake Hose

IMPORTANT: Never twist brake hose when installing it and avoid all contact with parts attached rigidly to the body.

NOTE: First tighten brake hose on brake caliper.

Insert brake hose in bracket and screw onto brake pipe.

Remove brake pads.

Release screws (1).

Remove brake anchor plate in direction of arrow.


Tightening torque 34 21 2AZ. Remove brake caliper in direction of arrow.

Fig. 58: Removing Brake Caliper Screw


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