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BMW X5: General Information On Braking In New Brake Discs / Brake Pads

BMW X5 (G05) 2019-2023 Service & Repair Manual / Brakes / Brakes - Repair Instructions / Parking Brake / General Information On Braking In New Brake Discs / Brake Pads

IMPORTANT: After completing work:


Necessary preliminary tasks:

IMPORTANT: Secure vehicle against rolling, e.g. with chocks.

Attach release tool (1) at release point (2).

Forcefully pull release tool against mechanical resistance upwards in direction of arrow until a clear increase in force can be felt and the parking brake can be clearly heard to release.

NOTE: Startup after power failure:

  1. Switch ignition on
  2. Press brake button with brake pedal depressed.
  3. The indicator lamp in the instrument cluster goes out as soon as the parking brake is released.


Fig. 82: Identifying Parking Brake Components

  1. Handbrake Bowden Cables
  2. Actuating unit with control unit
  3. Handbrake shoes
  4. Expander lock
  5. Adjusting handbrake


 Adjusting Parking Brake

The parking brake test must be carried out on the roller dynamometer as follows. Release position (engine off / ignition on ): Wheel circumferential force right / left < or = 300 N. Press park

 Removing And Installing/Replacing All Handbrake Shoes

Special tools required: 34 4 000. Installation: Remove rear brake disc. Release electromechanical parking brake (EMF). After completing tasks, adjust handbrake. Disconnect return springs (1)

 Removing And Installing/Replacing Actuating Unit With Control Unit For Parking Brake (EMF)

Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove both brake discs. Set workshop mode in BMW diagnosis system. Path: Function selection Service functions Chassis Parking brake Workshop mode NOTE


 Safety Precautions And General Information

Safety instructions --> Safety regulations for handling airbag modules, airbag components and pyrotechnical seat belt tensioners. --> Deactivation/activation pyrotechnical components. Handling electrical and electronic equipment --> Unlocking/locking airbag plug connections. --> Repair

 Safety belts

General information The vehicle is fitted with five or seven safety belts to ensure occupant safety. However, they can only unfold their protective effect when adjusted correctly. Always make sure that safety belts are being worn by the occupants before driving off. The airbags supplement the safety

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