BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Clearance And Side


Special tools required:

Necessary preliminary tasks:

NOTE: Minimum object temperature of side marker and side panel > or = 18 ºC.

If this temperature is not achieved, the components must be preheated.

Removing side marker:

Carefully heat side marker (1) in area (A) with hot air blower and detach with special tool.

NOTE: Side marker (1) cannot be reused.

Clearance And Side
Fig. 16: Identifying Heat Side Marker In Area

Cleaning side panel:

For cleaning, use a fluff-free disposable cloth or a clean cleaning cloth.

Clean adhesive area of side panel with spirit.

Air drying time at least 1 minute.

Do not grip bonding surface.

Fitting side marker:

Pull off liner* (1) and gently press side marker (2) onto side panel.

Check position and if necessary realign.

Minimum application pressure is achieved by applying firm thumb pressure in stages over the entire joining surface (hold time approx. 1 second).

Firm thumb pressure approx. 35 N/cm2.

* Liner is the protective film on a new side marker.

Clearance And Side
Fig. 17: Identifying Side Marker And Liner


Special tools required:

Unclip rear reflector (1) with special tool 00 9 323. See ASSEMBLY WEDGES (SET IN PLASTIC CASE) on right side and press inwards with special tool 00 9 317.

Remove rear reflector (1) towards rear from rear bumper trim.

Clearance And Side
Fig. 18: Removing Rear Reflector


Catches (1) on rear reflector must not be damaged.

If necessary, replace faulty retainer (2).

Clearance And Side
Fig. 19: Identifying Faulty Retainer And Catches


 Fog Lights, Auxiliary

REMOVING AND INSTALLING/REPLACING LEFT FRONT FOG LAMP Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove left grille in bumper trim. Grasp grille through opening. Disconnect plug connection (1). Release screws

 Rear Light Cluster

REPLACING SOCKET HOUSING FOR LEFT OR RIGHT REAR LIGHT WARNING: Follow instructions for handling light bulbs (exterior lights). Rear light in side panel: Remove flap in luggage compartment trim panel.

 Brake Lights

REMOVING AND INSTALLING/REPLACING AUXILIARY BRAKE LIGHT Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove rear spoiler. Release screws (1). Lift auxiliary brake light (2) in direction of arrow from rear spoiler


 Lower tailgate - Tailgate

Lower tailgate Opening General information When open, the lower tailgate can support loads of up to 550 lbs/250 kg. Functional requirement The upper tailgate must be open. From the outside Without Comfort Access: Press the button on the lower tailgate and fold the lower tailgate down. With Comfort

 Replacing Front Left Side Panel

Observe gap dimensions. CAUTION: Set down side panel on a soft surface. Risk of damage Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove front side panel. Remove headlight. Remove fog lamp. Remove spray nozzle of headlight washer system. Following new body parts are required: Side panel, front Fig.

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