BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Instructions On Starting Aid

Do not start the engine with help of starting sprays.


Conform with the following when starting engine with starting cable.

CAUTION: Never touch ignition system components and current - dangerous high tension!

If the battery in the vehicle supplying power is weak, start the engine of this vehicle and let it run at idling speed.

Carrying out:

Always conform with the procedures to avoid injury to persons or damage to parts.

CAUTION: Never connect second jump lead (black) to negative terminal of battery in vehicle to be started. This would produce explosive gas which could be ignited by sparks.

Danger of explosion!

After engine of vehicle to be started has started up, first disconnect the jump lead on the negative terminal/ground connection. Then remove jump lead from positive terminals.


Battery care and maintenance

In low-maintenance batteries, check the acid level at least once a year. If necessary, top up with distilled water up to the top marking.

The increasing number of electronic control units in the car reduces the self-discharging time of the battery (even in standby mode). To maintain the battery service life and to avoid exhaustive discharging, recharge laidup vehicles every 6 weeks at the latest. The time for self-discharging depends on vehicle type and equipment specification.

Battery test

The battery acid density can be used to measure the charge state. However this test produces uncertainty caused by a design-related range of variation. The acid density e.g. for a charged battery is 1.28 kg/l (in the tropical version the acid density is 1.23 kg/l).

Another interference factor is the acid lamination immediately after filling with distilled water.

Battery wear with partially sulphated and/or heavily contaminated plates will also lead to incorrect acid density test results.


NOTE: Red symbol for pre-delivery check

The vehicle is coded at the end of the assembly line so that the red symbol for the pre-delivery check is shown in the Next Service display (same symbol as vehicle check).

The symbol is a reminder to the Service staff that the pre - delivery check has not yet been carried out on this car.

NOTE: Do not carry out a reset.

Do not confuse this function with the "Vehicle check" maintenance scope.

Do not carry out a reset via the instrument cluster.

When carrying out the pre-delivery check with the "Transport Mode/Pre-delivery check" service function: The symbol is automatically removed from the display after the service function has been executed.

Fig. 1: Display Vehicle Service Symbol

Fig. 2: Display BMW Diagnosis Function Screen

  1. Function and component selection
  2. Service functions
  3. Maintenance
  4. Transport Mode/Pre-delivery check
  5. CBS Correction Tester Data
  6. Reset CBS Condition Based Servise
  7. CBS Correction Vehicle Data

4 service functions are available in the BMW diagnosis system for maintenance:

Service function: Transport Mode/Pre-delivery check

To be able to hand over a vehicle to the customer in proper working order, it is essential to execute the "Transport Mode/Pre-delivery check" service function.

The following items are worked through during the pre-delivery check:

NOTE: Reducing input expenditure.

Standardized data are stored in the BMW diagnosis system (for repeated use) in the interests of minimizing the time spent on making inputs in the garage/workshop. The standardized data can be changed with the "CBS Correction Tester Data" service function.

Service function: CBS Correction Tester Data

Data are automatically stored in the vehicle with the "Pre-delivery check" service function.

The standardized data can be changed with the "CBS Correction Tester Data" service function.

The following standardized data can be changed:

The country-specific phone numbers are contained as reference texts in the BMW diagnosis system (read off during the input prompt). The phone numbers must be input with the international dialling code.

The target date is calculated on the basis of the date of first registration.

The target date is calculated on the basis of the date of first registration.

NOTE: Automatic function after installation of the BMW diagnosis system.

The standardized data are automatically established when the pre-delivery check is carried out for the first time. It is therefore not necessary to input the data separately.

Service function: Reset CBS Condition Based Service

A maintenance scope can be reset with the "Reset CBS Condition Based Service" service function. Even when availability is over 80 %.

The benefit of reset via the BMW diagnosis system is that the on-board date is corrected automatically.

The individual maintenance scopes are displayed in the BMW diagnosis system with service counter and availability.

Service function: CBS Correction Vehicle Data

IMPORTANT: The data are overwritten.

Once this service function has been executed, it is no longer possible to reconstruct the previous status.

The "CBS Correction Vehicle Data" service function is available if a reset has been carried out erroneously. In this way, the availability of a maintenance scope can be corrected to a realistic value.

A data or a mileage/kilometer reading is entered for correction. These data are converted internally into an availability in %. In so doing, the BMW diagnosis system only accepts a smaller value as the current reading in the control unit. In addition, the service counter of the scope is automatically reduced by one counter.

The inputs are used in the Service Booklet to determine the realistic availability. A realistic availability can be reconstructed on a scope-specific basis by means of the last maintenance measure (with mileage/km reading and date).

This does not include correcting the availability for brake pads. The brake pad residual thickness must be measured and input (in millimeters).

NOTE: Reference for distance-and time-dependent maintenance scopes For a correction, the availability is referred to the distance - and time-dependent calculation.


CAUTION: To avoid damage when handling optical fibers, comply with the following points:

NOTE: The optical fibers are colored differently as follows:

Follow instructions for processing cables and optical fibers.


 Repairing Airbag Cables

IMPORTANT: Only repair those cables which show visible signs of damage. In the event of visible damage, make sure there is only one cable repair in effect after the repair work. If no visible damage

 General Information On Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS)

WARNING: Danger of destruction in event of mechanical strain Do not introduce any additional connections at the battery negative terminal. Do not modify the grounding cable. The grounding cable

 Unlocking And Disconnecting Different Plug Connections

NOTE: Examples of unlocking and disconnecting different plug connections. Press lock and open clip in direction of arrow. Disconnect plug connection. Fig. 4: Pressing Lock Press lock and open clip i


 Exhaust System, Complete

REMOVING AND INSTALLING COMPLETE EXHAUST SYSTEM (N52K) Special tools required: 31 2 220 31 2 220 SUPPORT PLATE WARNING: Scalding hazard! Only perform this work after engine has cooled down. Danger of injury! Removal of the exhaust system must be carried out with the assistance of a second person

 Removing And Installing Front Left Side Panel

Observe gap dimensions. CAUTION: Do not damage adjoining body parts. Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove front bumper trim. Remove wheel arch cover at front. Remove trim for cover on side member. Remove trim on wheel arch. Remove gutter strip. Fig. 180: Identifying Front Side Panel Bolts

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