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BMW X5: Use Of Materials In Outer Shell

BMW X5 (G05) 2019-2024 Service & Repair Manual / Body / Use Of Materials In Outer Shell

The following illustration is a schematic representation of all the body variants.

Fig. 20: Identifying Materials In Outer Shell

All components not listed in the table below are composed of established sheet steel qualities.





The vehicle identification number must be stamped with a special tool. There are different special tool numbers and stamping procedures for the various vehicles.

In repair work, the vehicle identification number is always stamped into a replacement vehicle identification number surface. The replacement surface is usually situated under the original VIN surface.

The IGEF number (bodyshell number) is omitted when the wheel arch is replaced.

In the event of component or body replacement by the BMW garages/workshops, clearly delimit the vehicle identification number at front and rear by stamping a + in place of the BMW emblem.

If a VIN is stamped into the replacement surface in addition to the original VIN (e.g. if the original VIN has been tampered with), the following applies: The original VIN must be crossed out. To do so, stamp the letter I from the punch digits lengthways through the original VIN.

IMPORTANT: Do not use an angle grinder in conjunction with a cutting disk!

The protective film used as standard is omitted after the VIN has been manually stamped in. Paint area in accordance with BMW Painting Handbook. Ensure that layer thicknesses are small.

Observe country-specific regulations.


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