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BMW X5: Information On Replacing Shock Absorbers

BMW X5 (G05) 2019-2024 Service & Repair Manual / Front Axle / General / Information On Replacing Shock Absorbers


When a shock absorber is faulty on one side (leaking, noises, limit values exceeded on the shock tester), often both shock absorbers on the axle in question are replaced.


This is not necessary for technical reasons and causes the manufacturer not to recognize the unnecessarily removed shock absorbers as damaged parts. Unnecessarily high costs for the customer can be avoided by replacing the shock absorber on one side only.


Shock absorbers may be replaced on one side only until they have completed 50 000 km service.

Exception: On all M-GmbH models, when a limit value is exceeded on one side, it is still necessary always to replace both shock absorbers on the relevant axle.


Due to the chemical and corrosion characteristics of aluminum, always comply with the following points when handling aluminum components:


IMPORTANT: Install Heli-coil thread inserts so that they are flush with the original thread.

NOTE: Damaged threads in engine carrier may be repaired with Heli-coil thread inserts.

Comply with the procedure described in the example.

Front Axle
Fig. 7: Identifying Heli-coil Damaged Threads


1. Create a clean core hole; if necessary, drill out screw remnants

Front Axle
Fig. 8: Creating Clean Core Hole

2. Create locating thread for Heli-coil thread insert

Front Axle
Fig. 9: Creating Locating Thread For Heli-coil

3. Pick out Heli-coil thread insert in accordance with the table and screw into the locating thread until flush with the original thread.

Front Axle
Fig. 10: Identifying Heli-coil Thread Insert

4. Break drive pin and remove

Front Axle
Fig. 11: Identifying Drive Pin


 Mount Securing Fixture For Vehicle On Lifting Platform

Special tools required: 00 2 261 00 2 262 WARNING: Danger to life! Mount securing fixture for vehicle on lifting platform to prevent the vehicle from slipping off or tilting down. WARNING: Observe

 Front Axle Suspension

REMOVING AND INSTALLING/REPLACING REINFORCEMENT PLATE IMPORTANT: Observe safety when raising the vehicle. Driving without reinforcement plate is not permitted! Release bolts (1) for assembly undersid

 Front Sub-Frame


 Replacing Rear Left Side Panel (Partial Replacement Before Longitudinal Member Cover)

Read contents of Body, General. Spot-weld bonding is used on this vehicle. Observe specific procedure. Use only approved spot-welding apparatus for repairs! Remove or cover those vehicle components in the repair area which are susceptible to heat or dust. Following new body parts are required:

 Refrigeration Oil

OIL USED IN FREON-CHARGED SYSTEMS A mineral-based oil is used. The oil level in the compressor must be checked before filling an air conditioner with refrigerant. It can be checked only if the system is without refrigerant. Always check the oil level each time a new system is filled with Freon R12

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