BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Instrument Cluster


IMPORTANT: Read and comply with notes on protection against electrostatic damage (ESD protection).


Necessary preliminary tasks:

Release screws (1).

Pull back instrument cluster (2) slightly.

Disconnect associated plug connection.

Remove instrument cluster (2).

Instrument Cluster
Fig. 1: Pulling Back Instrument Cluster


Carry out programming/coding.


 Head-Up Display

REMOVING AND INSTALLING/REPLACING TRIM FOR HEAD-UP DISPLAY Special tools required: 00 9 317. Lever out trim for head-up display (1) with special tool 00 9 317 towards top. Fig. 2: Removing Lever I


 Lamp Settings

TEST REQUIREMENTS FOR HEADLIGHT VERTICAL AIM ADJUSTMENT Car parked on level ground. Replace faulty glass and mirrors and blackened light bulbs. Check tire pressure and correct if necessary. Apply


 Removing And Installing/Replacing RDC Wheel Electronics

Special tools required: 00 2 190 NOTE: If a tire sealant has been used, replace the wheel electronics. When a tire has been removed, do not clean the rim with installed wheel electronics with high-pressure cleaning equipment. Do not treat wheel electronics with solvents, cleaning agents etc. If

 Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature Gauge

REMOVING AND INSTALLING/REPLACING OIL PRESSURE SWITCH (N62, N62TU) Necessary preliminary tasks: Switch off ignition E65/E66 only: Remove intake filter housing E53 only: Remove intake hood with air intake hose WARNING: Scalding hazard! Only perform this task on an engine that has cooled down. In

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