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BMW X5: Replacing Cover For Left Or Right Front Seat

BMW X5 (G05) 2019-2023 Service & Repair Manual / Seats / Front Seat, Normal, Electrical / Replacing Cover For Left Or Right Front Seat

Special tools required:

Necessary preliminary tasks:

WARNING: US/CDN front passenger seat (with OC3 mat) only: To avoid damaging the OC3 mat, it is essential to carry out the following operations with extra care.

When replacing seat cover:

If seat cover is defective, seat cover and padding with OC3 mat must be replaced together.

New seat cover is supplied with padding, OC3 mat and if necessary seat heating.

When replacing padding with OC3 mat: If OC3 mat or padding is defective, both parts may only be replaced together.

Both parts must be fitted with the seat cover from the vehicle.

Enabling seat occupancy detector (OC3 mat):

Remove cover (1) on front seat:

Front Seat, Normal, Electrical
Fig. 49: Identifying Cover

Unhook seat cover on at all retaining points (1).

Front Seat, Normal, Electrical
Fig. 50: Identifying Seat Cover Retaining Points

Unhook seat cover (1) in area (2).

If necessary, detach plug connections (3).

Remove seat cover (1) complete with support.

Front Seat, Normal, Electrical
Fig. 51: Identifying Cover Area Connections

Replacing seat cover:

Version with OC3 mat:

Detach all retainers in side area from longitudinal wires (1).

Pull trim wires (1) forward out of seat cover.

Carefully fold back seat cover and release retainers from cross - wires (2).

Remove seat cover from padding.

IMPORTANT: Remove all remnants of clips from seat cover and padding.

Front Seat, Normal, Electrical
Fig. 52: Identifying Longitudinal Wires And Trim Wires

Padding (1) with OC3 mat (2).

IMPORTANT: No retainer remainders may be fitted as well.

Handle OC3 mat with extreme care.

Do not kink OC3 mat.

Do not clamp OC3 mat.

OC3 mat must lie without folds under seat cover.

Front Seat, Normal, Electrical
Fig. 53: Identifying Padding With OC3 Ma


Bend new retainer (2) closed with pliers 52 0 050.

  1. Padding
  2. Clips
  3. Trim wire in seat cover
  4. Trim wire in padding
  5. Seat cover

Front Seat, Normal, Electrical
Fig. 54: Identifying Special Tool (50 0 050)

Remove trim threads (1) from seat cover (2).

(3) If necessary, cable for seat heating.


Slide trim threads (1) into new seat cover (2). If necessary, cut mounting for trim threads.

Front Seat, Normal, Electrical
Fig. 55: Identifying Trim Threads And Seat Cover


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