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BMW X5: Removing And Installing Outer Upper Rail Trim With Electric Anchor Fitting Tensioner (From 04/2004)

BMW X5 (G05) 2019-2023 Service & Repair Manual / Seats / Front Seat, Comfort / Removing And Installing Outer Upper Rail Trim With Electric Anchor Fitting Tensioner (From 04/2004)

Driver's seat only:

NOTE: Version with anchor fitting tensioner from 04/2004.

Lever trim (3) out of seat mechanism:

  1. upwards,
  2. slide towards rear

and feed out of anchor fitting tensioner.


Secure plug connection with felt strip against unlocking.

Lock on plug connection to anchor fitting tensioner can be unlocked when trim is fitted.

Front Seat, Comfort
Fig. 81: Identifying Trim


Trim, top rail, front:

Front Seat, Comfort
Fig. 82: Identifying Front Trim

Trim, top rail, outer:

  1. Move seat forwards and upwards
  2. Unclip front trim towards top and detach towards rear

Front Seat, Comfort
Fig. 83: Uncliping Front Trim

Trim, bottom rail, front:

  1. Move seat backwards
  2. Unclip trim tongue towards top, sliding trim towards front slightly
  3. Pull inside surface of trim inwards slightly and unclip
  4. Detach trim towards front from bottom rail


Place trim on bottom rail and slide towards rear to engage, feeding in below trim, top rail, outer.

Front Seat, Comfort
Fig. 84: Detaching Trim

Trim, bottom rail, rear:

  1. Move seat forwards
  2. Unclip trim tongue towards top
  3. Pull inside surface of trim inwards
  4. Detach trim towards rear from bottom rail

Front Seat, Comfort
Fig. 85: Pulling Inside Surface Of Trim Inwards


Clips and hooks must not be damaged.

Make sure trims are exactly seated.

After completing tasks, move seat and make sure that trim does not move.


Release screws (1).

Disconnect plug connections (2).

Remove thigh support (3) towards top.

Front Seat, Comfort
Fig. 86: Identifying Plug Connections And Screw

If necessary, unclip trim (1) towards top and remove.


Secure guide pins (2) in seat frame and clip trim (1) into place.

Front Seat, Comfort
Fig. 87: Uncliping Trim


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