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BMW X5: Replacing Gas Cartridge For Active Head Restraint On Left Or Right Front Seat

BMW X5 (G05) 2019-2023 Service & Repair Manual / Seats / Front Seat, Comfort / Replacing Gas Cartridge For Active Head Restraint On Left Or Right Front Seat

WARNING: Read and comply with safety regulations for handling airbag modules and pyrotechnical belt tensioners.

Improper handling can lead to triggering of the pyrotechnical seat belt tensioner or side airbag, resulting in injuries.

Switch off ignition!

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Disconnect plug connection on gas cartridge.

Detach retaining points (1).

Slide active head restraint carrier downwards.

Front Seat, Comfort
Fig. 110: Identifying Retaining Points

Release spring clips (1) and (2).

Front Seat, Comfort
Fig. 111: Identifying Spring Clips

Release screws (1).

Remove gas cartridge complete with holder (2).

Front Seat, Comfort
Fig. 112: Identifying Gas Cartridge With Holder

Release screws (1) on left and right.


Insert screws (1) with Loctite.

Tightening torque 52 12 03AZ. Slide top rail (3) off bottom rail (2).

Remove gas cartridge (4).

Front Seat, Comfort
Fig. 113: Identifying Gas Cartridge And Rail


Gas cartridge (1) is secured in holder by guide lug (2).

Front Seat, Comfort
Fig. 114: Identifying Gas Cartridge And Guide Lug

Procedure after triggered active head restraint:

NOTE: The gas cartridge may be replaced up to 5 times.

Then the backrest must be replaced.

Number of triggerings are stored in the control unit.


Move headrest up as far as possible.

Pull out forcefully.


Position adjustment drive briefly before upper stop.

Press in head restraint until it clicks audibly into place (on right and left).

Front Seat, Comfort
Fig. 115: Pulling Headrest


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