BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Rear Control Suspension


 Checking Air Springs For Damage

NOTE: If a vehicle has been driven with depressurized air springs, the air springs must always be replaced. Lift vehicle. Air spring is OK: when the gaiter cannot be pressed in by hand when no vis

 Replacing Upper Vent Line For Air Supply Unit

IMPORTANT: Risk of damage! Extreme cleanliness must be ensured in the connection area of the vent lines during removal and installation. Even the smallest of dirt particles can cause leakage in the ai

 Removing And Installing/Replacing Left Or Right Air Spring

WARNING: Danger of injury! Drain the air spring system before carrying out any work on the air supply unit, air pipes and air springs! Danger of injury if this instruction is not complied with! Risk o


 Installing the upgrade

General information The installation of the upgrade may result in a deletion of software changes such as performance increases that have not been installed by the manufacturer of the vehicle. The installation may take approx. 20 minutes. The installation cannot be terminated. The vehicle can

 Mount Securing Fixture For Vehicle On Lifting Platform

Special tools required: 00 2 261 00 2 262 WARNING: Danger to life! Mount securing fixture for vehicle on lifting platform to prevent the vehicle from slipping off or tilting down. WARNING: Observe the following directions and instructions when handling the special tool: Prior to each use, che

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