BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Replacing Upper Vent Line For Air Supply Unit

IMPORTANT: Risk of damage! Extreme cleanliness must be ensured in the connection area of the vent lines during removal and installation. Even the smallest of dirt particles can cause leakage in the air spring system.

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Release screw (1).

Twist filler duct (2) in direction of arrow out of fluid reservoir for windscreen washer unit (3) and remove.

If necessary, release vent line (4) at mounting points (5) from fluid reservoir for windscreen washer unit (3).

Release screws.

Press off side panel slightly.


Tightening torque (front side panel to body area, A-pillar): 6 N.m.

Tightening torque (front side panel to body area, A-pillar): 6 N.m.

Disconnect quick-connect coupling (1) and seal lower vent line connection with sealing plug.

Remove vent line (2) from fluid reservoir for windscreen washer unit.

Rear Control Suspension
Fig. 37: Identifying Quick-Connect Coupling And Vent Line


Carry out fault interrogation with BMW diagnosis system.


NOTE: Ride-height-calibration must be carried out after the following work:

Connect BMW diagnosis system.

Switch on ignition.

Carry out ride-height-calibration (menu item: "Service function").

Version with Run Flat Indicator: initialize Run Flat Indicator.

Version with Tyre Pressure Control: carry out resetting.

Rear Control Suspension
Fig. 38: Identifying BMW Diagnosis System (DIS)


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