BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Quick reference



 Opening and closing

Buttons on the vehicle key Unlocking Locking To open the tailgate Panic mode, pathway lighting Unlocking the vehicle Press the button on the vehicle key. Depending on the settings, either onl

 Displays, control elements

In the vicinity of the steering wheel Light switch element Turn signal indicator, high beams Instrument cluster Wipers Indicator/warning lights The indicator/warning lights can light up in a va



REMOVING AND INSTALLING/REPLACING FLYWHEEL (N62/N62TU) Special tools required: 11 4 180 11 9 260 11 9 262 11 9 263 11 9 264 Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove automatic transmission. Automatic transmissions only: Block flywheel (1) with special tools 11 9 260 /11 9 263 /11 9 264. Unfaste

 Dash Cowl

REPLACING FRONT LEFT DOOR PILLAR (FRONT SIDE PANEL REMOVED) Read contents of Body, General. Spot-weld bonding is used on this vehicle. Observe specific procedure. Remove or cover those vehicle components in the repair area which are susceptible to heat or dust. Use only approved spot-welding app

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