BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Gap Dimensions, Body

The dimensions specified in this document are applicable at an object temperature of 20ºC. The aim of adjustment is to achieve a uniform join.

Symmetry of the gaps between left and right sides of the vehicle has top priority.

The door gaps must not deviate between the front and rear gap by more than 1.0 mm.

No gap dimension are specified for components which cannot be adjusted.

Dimensions in mm

Fig. 5: Identifying Gap Dimensions Of Body

  1. A-pilar
  2. Side wall, front
  3. Front lid
  4. Headlights
  1. Front lid
  2. Side wall, front

Fig. 6: Identifying Gap Dimensions Of Body

Fig. 7: Identifying Gap Dimensions Of Body

Fig. 8: Identifying Gap Dimensions Of Body

  1. Cover, sill

Only on version with aluminum running board:

Dimension a = 7.0 +-0.6 mm

  1. Rear door
  2. Trim, wheel arch, rear

Fig. 9: Identifying Rear Door Gap Dimensions Of Body

Fig. 10: Identifying Trim, Wheel Arch And Rear Gap Dimensions Of Body

  1. Outer skin on roof
  2. Rear spoiler
  3. Rear lid, top
  4. Rear lid, bottom
  5. Rear side panel
  6. Rear lid, top/bottom
  7. Panel, bumper, rear
  1. Rear side panel
  2. Rear spoiler

Fig. 11: Identifying Rear Side Panel Gap Dimensions Of Body

  1. Rear window
  2. Rear side panel

Fig. 12: Identifying Rear Window Gap Dimensions Of Body


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