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BMW X5: Handling Airbags And Restraint Systems

BMW X5 (G05) 2019-2024 Service & Repair Manual / Body / Handling Airbags And Restraint Systems

1.0 Airbags and restraint systems

Handling Electrical and Electronic Equipment

1.0 Battery

2.0 Control units

Due to these potential hazards, it is essential to disconnect the battery negative lead prior to welding and straightening work. Prior to disconnecting the negative lead, interrogate the fault memories of the control units if necessary.

3.0 Electric cables and wiring harnesses

4.0 Optical fibers

Information / Warning Labels

Missing or damaged information/warning labels (e.g. tire inflation pressure) must be replaced.

Information On Hazards

1.0 Aluminum




Information On Vehicle Protection

IMPORTANT: Do not use combustible or contaminated coverings.


 Installation Of A Cavity Seal With Cavity Foam

Sourcing reference for cavity foam. IMPORTANT: The cavity foam may only be use for cavity sealing at the points at which cavity sealing is present as standard! The following repair represents the rep

 Opening Adhesive Bonds

1. Opening spot-weld bonds Set punch mark in center of weld spot. Set 8 mm dia. weld spot drill bit on punch mark and drill through top metal sheet. Or open weld spot with Vario Drill spot weldi

 Quality Standard

The overall requirements relating to a vehicle can only be implemented by including "all" components. This applies in particular to the body. With regard to an optimum crash result, it is neces


 Connecting Lines

NOTES ON FITTING A NEW PIPE OR A SCREW CONNECTION IMPORTANT: Do not kink, twist or crush lines. Do not disassemble screw connection! Fitting new screw connection: Insert complete new screw connection consisting of toothed ring (1), banjo bolt (2) and assembly plug (3) into air spring/pipe connecti

 Overview Of Heater/Air Conditioner Servomotors

Fig. 102: Identifying Heater/Air Conditioner Servomotors Components Location Servomotor, defrosting Servomotor, footwell, rear cabin, right Servomotor, ventilation, front right Servomotor, stratification, front right Servomotor, stratification/shut-off, rear cabin, right Servomotor, footwell

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