BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Driving tips


 Things to remember when driving


General information Moving parts need to begin working together smoothly. The following instructions will help you to achieve a long vehicle life and good efficiency. During break-in, do not use the

 General driving notes

Closing the tailgate Safety information Warning An open tailgate protrudes from the vehicle and can endanger occupants and other road users or damage the vehicle in the event of an accident, braking o


 Removing And Installing / Replacing Top Right Control Arm

WARNING: Danger to life! Mount securing fixture for vehicle on lifting platform to prevent the vehicle from slipping off or tilting down. NOTE: Control arms with + or - marking (see illustration) are camber correction arms: - Underdimension variant + Overdimension variant These camber correction ar

 Checking Air Springs For Damage

NOTE: If a vehicle has been driven with depressurized air springs, the air springs must always be replaced. Lift vehicle. Air spring is OK: when the gaiter cannot be pressed in by hand when no visible damage (e.g. kinks, cracks, porous areas, etc.) is discernible when the rolling fold is unif

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