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BMW X5: Engine-Off / Coasting


Under certain conditions the engine is automatically decoupled from the transmission in the D selector lever position. The vehicle continues traveling with the engine idling to reduce consumption.

Selector lever position D remains engaged.

This driving condition is referred to as coasting.

Under certain conditions, the engine will not be operated at idle while coasting but switched off automatically in vehicles with Mild-Hybrid technology.

When the engine is switched off, the lettering READY is displayed in the instrument cluster.

The vehicle continues to coast without consuming fuel. This driving condition is referred to as engine-off coasting.

As soon as the brake or accelerator pedal is depressed, the engine is automatically coupled to the transmission again.

General information

Coasting is a component of the ECO PRO driving mode.

Coasting is automatically activated when ECO PRO driving mode is called via the Driving Dynamics Control.

A proactive driving style helps the driver to use the function often and supports the efficient effect of coasting.

Functional requirements

The function is available in the speed range from approx. 16 mph/25 km/h to 100 mph/160 km/h.

The function is active if the following conditions are met:

Operation via shift paddles


The coasting driving condition can be influenced with the shift paddles.

Activating/deactivating coasting via shift paddles

1. Shift to the highest gear by pulling the right shift paddle.

2. To activate coasting mode, actuate the right shift paddle again.

To deactivate, actuate the left shift paddle.


Display in the instrument cluster

The coasting distance traveled is indicated in coasting mode.

Indications on the Control Display

The coasting mode is displayed under energy flow while driving.

The distance traveled in coasting mode is displayed in the trip data.

Saving fuel

Color code blue: coasting mode.

Displaying energy flow information

1. "CAR".

2. "Driving information".

3. "Energy flow".

System limits

The function is not available under one of the following conditions.


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