BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Trailer towing


 General information

The permissible trailer loads, axle weights, drawbar node weights, and the permissible gross vehicle weight are specified in the technical data. The vehicle is equipped with an enhanced suspension sy

 Towing a trailer

General information If the trailer socket is occupied, some driver assistance systems are unavailable, or available to a limited extent. A Check Control message is displayed where applicable. When dr

 Mount for trailer hitch

General information The mount for the trailer hitch is located on the rear of the vehicle. Information on suitable trailer hitches is found on the underside of the mount, see arrow. Remove the ball


 Alarm system

General information When the vehicle is locked, the vehicle alarm system reacts to the following changes: Opening a door, the hood, or the tailgate. Movements in the car's interior. Changes in the vehicle tilt, for instance, during attempts at stealing a wheel or when towing the vehicle. Disc


Note: With mounting material. SI number: 0 01 00 (549) Order number: 00 0 250 Shelf Fig. 29: Identifying Shelf (00 0 250) DRAWER BLOCK Note: With 5 lockable drawers SI number: 0 01 00 (549) Order number: 00 0 260 Drawer block Fig. 30: Identifying Drawer Block (00 0 260) REAR PANEL (2 PCS.) Note: F

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