BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Brake Lights


Necessary preliminary tasks:

Release screws (1).

Lift auxiliary brake light (2) in direction of arrow from rear spoiler.

Brake Lights
Fig. 30: Lifting Auxiliary Brake Light

Disconnect plug connection (1).

Unclip spray nozzle (2) from auxiliary brake light (3).

Remove auxiliary brake light (2).

Brake Lights
Fig. 31: Identifying Auxiliary Brake Light And Plug Connection


 License Plate Lights

REMOVING AND INSTALLING/REPLACING LEFT OR RIGHT NUMBER/LICENSE PLATE LIGHT Special tools required: 64 1 020. WARNING: Follow instructions for handling light bulbs (exterior lights). Lever license

 Interior Lights

OVERVIEW OF INTERIOR LIGHTS Fig. 33: Location Of Interior Lights Glovebox light Footwell light (footwell) Front ceiling light Mirror light Interior light Luggage compartment light Footwell li

 Light Bulbs


 Adjusting Camshaft Timing On Left Side (N62/N62TU)

Special tools required: 11 9 190 11 9 460 11 9 461 11 9 462 11 9 463 (cylinder bank 5 to 8) Necessary preliminary tasks: Check camshaft timing on left side. Remove left timing case cover. NOTE: When slackening screws, grip camshafts at hexagon head. Slacken screws of exhaust and inlet ad

 Side collision mitigation

Principle The side collision warning helps to avoid imminent side collisions. General information Radar sensors monitor the space next to the vehicle when traveling faster than a minimum speed of up to approx. 130 mph/210 km/h. The minimum speed is country-specific and is displayed in the menu for

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