BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Checking Thickness Of Brake Pad

Special tools required:

NOTE: The thickness of the outer brake pads can be determined without removing the wheels.

If necessary, move car until opening for brake pad wear indicator (brake pad) can be seen through rim styling.

Insert special tool 34 1 260 through rim into opening for brake pad wear indicator.

Press special tool onto brake pad. Slide ring (1) in direction of arrow up to stop and read off measured value.


  1. Brake disk
  2. Brake pad with backplate

Safe limit for lining wear, front brake.

Safe limit for lining wear, rear brake.

Fig. 7: Identifying Special Tool (34 1 260)


Connect BMW Diagnosis and Information System (DIS) or MoDiC.

Call up "Workshop braking-in" service function.

Start braking-in program.

(Parking brake indicator lamp in instrument cluster flashes at low frequency) Drive vehicle onto roller dynamometer and pull parking brake button once.

Parking brake is applied at approx. 15 km/h with reduced force.

(Parking brake indicator lamp in instrument cluster flashes at high frequency) Braking-in procedure takes 3 minutes.

Braking-in procedure can be terminated by pressing the parking brake button.

Now clear the fault memory.

Fig. 8: Display Of Parking Brake Function


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