BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Water Pump With Drive


WARNING: Only carry out work on the cooling system after the engine has cooled down (risk of scalding ).

Follow instructions for working on cooling system.

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Unlock and detach plug connections (1).

Release screw and remove vacuum line holder.

Unlock and detach all coolant hoses on water pump.

Release screws and remove belt pulley (2).

Water Pump With Drive
Fig. 715: Locating Plug Connections

Remove vibration damper.

Release screws and remove water pump (1).

Water Pump With Drive
Fig. 716: Locating Water Pump Screw


Check adapter sleeve (1) for correct seating and damage; replace if necessary.

Clean sealing faces (2).

Water Pump With Drive
Fig. 717: Identifying Adapter Sleeve And Sealing Faces


Clean sealing surfaces.

Replace sealing rings (1 and 2).

Water Pump With Drive
Fig. 718: Identifying Sealing Rings And Sealing Surfaces


Replace both coolant pipes (1) and coat sealing surfaces with anti-friction rubber coating.

Thin coolant pipe (1) only with water-cooled alternator.

Water Pump With Drive
Fig. 719: Identifying Coolant Pipe

NOTE: Remove coolant thermostat and coolant sensor of faulty water pump.

Check coolant thermostat and coolant sensor for damage and replace if necessary.

Install coolant thermostat and coolant sensor in new water pump.

Assemble engine.

Vent cooling system and check for leaks.



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