BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Fan


Special tools required:

CAUTION: Left-hand threads.

Using special tool 11 5 050 brace against pulley and unfasten cap nut from water pump using special tool 11 5 040.

Remove fan wheel with fan coupling from water pump.

Fig. 720: Identifying Special Tool (11 5 040) And (11 5 050)


Tighten down fan impeller using special tool 11 5 040.

Tightening torque 11 52 1AZ.

NOTE: When using special tool 11 5 040 , 30 Nm on the torque wrench scale are equivalent to a tightening torque of 40 Nm.

Fig. 721: Identifying Special Tool (11 5 040)

Release screws, detach fan from fan clutch.

Fig. 722: Locating Fan Clutch Screw


 Thermostat And Connecting

REMOVING AND INSTALLING/REPLACING COOLANT THERMOSTAT (N62) WARNING: Danger of scalding! Only perform these tasks on an engine that has cooled down. Recycling: Catch and dispose of drained coolant. Ob

 Intake Manifold

REMOVING AND INSTALLING INTAKE AIR MANIFOLD (N62) Remove acoustic cover. To remove, unfasten screws. Raise acoustic cover and remove towards front. Remove design cover, if equipped. Remove center o

 Vacuum Pump

REMOVING AND INSTALLING/REPLACING VACUUM PUMP (N62/N62TU) NOTE: Press brake pedal several times in order to reduce vacuum pressure in brake booster. Installation location: Vacuum pump is fitted on cy


 Replacing Trim For Central Information Display (CID)

Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove Central Information Display. Carefully release catches (1). Installation: Catches (1) must not be damaged. Fig. 35: Identifying Catches Carefully raise trim (2). Disconnect plug connection (1) and remove trim (2) from CID. Fig. 36: Identifying Plug Connectio

 Safety belts

General information The vehicle is fitted with five or seven safety belts to ensure occupant safety. However, they can only unfold their protective effect when adjusted correctly. Always make sure that safety belts are being worn by the occupants before driving off. The airbags supplement the safety

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