BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Intake Manifold


Remove acoustic cover. To remove, unfasten screws. Raise acoustic cover and remove towards front.

Remove design cover, if equipped.

Remove center of bulkhead.

Remove intake hose.

Remove injection pipe.

On rear side of manifold, unlock and disconnect plug on differential pressure sensor and on servomotor.

Unlock and detach vent hose (1).

Remove cable from holder.

Intake Manifold
Fig. 725: Identifying Vent Hose

Unfasten screws.

Remove intake air manifold (2) upwards with aid of a second person.

Intake Manifold
Fig. 726: Locating Intake Air Manifold


Clean sealing faces (1) on intake air manifold (2).

Intake Manifold
Fig. 727: Identifying Sealing Faces On Intake Air Manifold


Clean sealing face (1) on left and right.

Replace gasket on left and right.

Intake Manifold
Fig. 728: Identifying Sealing Face

Assemble engine.

Check air intake system for leaks.


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