BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Shock Absorber


 Information On Replacing Shock Absorbers

Facts: When a shock absorber is faulty on one side (leaking, noises, limit values exceeded on the shock tester), often both shock absorbers on the axle in question are replaced. E32, E34, E38, E39:

 Removing And Installing/Replacing Rear Left Or Right Shock Absorber

NOTE: Read and comply with Information on replacing shock absorbers. Version with Vertical Dynamics Management: IMPORTANT: Handle the spring strut with care so as to avoid damaging the control unit

 Replacing Rear Left Or Right Thrust Bearing For Spring Strut/Shock Absorber

Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove rear shock absorber. Unscrew nut (1). Remove joint disc (2), support bearing upper section (3) and support bearing flange (4). Installation: Insert support bea


 Replacing Cover On Backrest Side Section

Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove rest side section. Disengage cover in marked area from rest side section. Fig. 150: Identifying Cover Marked Area REMOVING AND INSTALLING/REPLACING LEFT OR RIGHT REAR SEAT (FOR 3RD SEAT ROW) Right rear seat is removed in the same way as the left rear seat depi

 Removing And Installing Rear Cabin Monitor (Complete)

Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove fresh-air grille in rear cabin. Remove trim from rear cabin monitor base at front. Release screws (1) and remove rear cabin monitor with holder (2). Disconnect associated plug connections and feed out leads. Tightening torque. Fig. 39: Identifying Rear Ca

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