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BMW X5: Replacing Rear Left Or Right Thrust Bearing For Spring Strut/Shock Absorber

BMW X5 (G05) 2019-2024 Service & Repair Manual / Rear Axle / Shock Absorber / Replacing Rear Left Or Right Thrust Bearing For Spring Strut/Shock Absorber

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Unscrew nut (1).

Remove joint disc (2), support bearing upper section (3) and support bearing flange (4).


Insert support bearing upper section (3) correctly in support bearing flange (4).

Replace self-locking nut.

Tightening torque.

Rear Axle
Fig. 121: Identifying Nut, Joint Disc, Support Bearing Upper Section And Support Bearing Flange

Remove spacer sleeve (1) with support bearing lower section (2).

Check protective tube (3) for damage, replace if necessary.


Insert spacer sleeve (1) correctly in support bearing lower section (2).

Rear Axle
Fig. 122: Identifying Spacer Sleeve, Support Bearing Lower Section And Protective Tube


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