BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Vacuum Pump


NOTE: Press brake pedal several times in order to reduce vacuum pressure in brake booster.

Installation location:

Vacuum pump is fitted on cylinder head 1 to 4 at front on exhaust camshaft.

Remove design cover, if equipped.

Remove acoustic cover. To remove, unfasten screws. Raise acoustic cover and remove towards front.

Remove intake hose with air-mass flow sensor and upper section of intake filter housing.

IMPORTANT: Installation: Due to the risk of damage to the engine gaskets/seals and the lack of brake boosting, make sure before starting the engine that all the vacuum lines are connected.

Open hose clip (1) and pull off vacuum line.

Release nuts on hose holders.

Remove vacuum hose.

Vacuum Pump
Fig. 729: Identifying Hose Clip

Release screws and remove holder (1).

Remove vacuum pump (2).

Vacuum Pump
Fig. 730: Identifying Screws, Holder And Vacuum Pump


Replace sealing ring (1) and secure with grease.

Drive (2) must be rotated into correct position prior to installation.

Vacuum Pump
Fig. 731: Identifying Sealing Ring And Drive


Align vacuum pump drive to groove (3) on exhaust camshaft.

Vacuum pump can best be installed when groove (3) is vertically aligned.

If vacuum pump cannot be installed, crank engine if necessary at central bolt into correct position.

Vacuum Pump
Fig. 732: Aligning Vacuum Pump Drive To Groove On Exhaust Camshaft


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