BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Reversing Camera


NOTE: The operation is described for the left-hand side; proceed in the same way for the right-hand side.

Remove support plate (1) from spindle (2).

Replace spindle (2) by spindle (3).

Press support plate (1) on to spindle (3).

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Fig. 10: Identifying Support Plate And Spindle

Release retaining clip (1).

Remove ball pin (2) from rod (3).

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Fig. 11: Identifying Retaining Clip And Ball Pin

Fit new ball pin (1) on rod (2) and secure with retaining clip (3).

Fit ball pin (1) on CORGHI KDS quick-release clamp and secure.

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Fig. 12: Identifying Ball Pin And Rod

Remove all spacers (1) on cross bar (2).

NOTE: Follow the same procedure for calibrating the reversing camera.

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Fig. 13: Identifying Spacers And Cross Bar


WARNING: Danger of injury! Laser radiation at adjustment unit.

Do not look into the beam! Laser class 2
As per EN 60825-1: 1994
P< or = 1 mW
Lambda = 632.8 nm

NOTE: Calibration of reversing camera must be carried out after the following work:

IMPORTANT: Follow instructions and specifications in test module.

To obtain an optimum result, always adhere to the following conditions:

NOTE: Once the laser has been aligned to the camera lens, it is necessary to calibrate the reversing camera via the DIS Tester.

Calibration can only be carried out with the BMW diagnosis system.

Observe information on use of CORGHI KDS quick-action clamp!

Secure KDS quick-action clamp on rear wheels on both sides.

Insert ball pivot (1) in guide (2) up to stop and secure with screw (3).

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Fig. 14: Identifying Ball Pivot And Guide

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Fig. 15: Identifying Dimension Of Longitudinal Rod And Transverse Rod

Dimension (A) of longitudinal rod (1) and dimension (B) of transverse rod (2) must be adapted to the type of vehicle.

Position target (1) on transverse rod with scale and align to zero point on scale (2).

Secure target (1) using knurled screws (3).

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Fig. 16: Identifying Knurled Screws

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Fig. 17: Identifying Switch On Laser Pointer With Knurled Screw

Switch on laser pointer (2) with knurled screw (1).

Align laser pointer first to zero point on scale (3), then upwards to centre of BMW badge (4).

In the event of a laser deviation from the BMW badge centre, this must be compensated for by shifting the complete linkage in the corresponding direction.

After realigning the target, check the position of the laser again and correct if necessary.

Align contact surface (1) on both sides to tire side wall.

Tighten linkage simultaneously on both sides with adjusting screw (2).

NOTE: After securing linkage, check position of laser pointer again on vehicle's BMW badge.

If necessary, correct by means of adjusting screws.

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Fig. 18: Identifying Contact Surface Of Tyre Side Wall And Adjusting Screw

Slacken knurled screws (2).

Adjust scale value (1) as specified.

Tighten down knurled screws (2).

Version with ride-height control:

Start calibration of reversing camera by way of BMW diagnosis system.

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Fig. 19: Identifying Knurled Screws


IMPORTANT: Read and comply with notes on protection against electrostatic damage (ESD protection).

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Release screws (1).

Disconnect plug connections (2) and carefully feed out reversing camera (3).

Tightening torque 66 54 1AZ, go to 66 53 REVERSING CAMERA


Remove protective film from reversing camera lens.

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Fig. 20: Identifying Plug Connections And Reversing Camera Lens


Moisten seal (1) slightly to facilitate installation.

Seal (1) must be correctly seated in rear lid (2).

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Fig. 21: Identifying Seal And Rear Lid

After installation:


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CALIBRATING REVERSING CAMERA WARNING: Danger of injury! Laser radiation at adjustment unit. Do not look into the beam! Laser class 2 As per EN 60825-1: 1994 P< or = 1 mW Lambda = 632.8 nm NOTE: Ca

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