BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Engine And Gearbox Suspension (6-Cyl.)


 Engine Suspension

REPLACING RIGHT ENGINE MOUNT (N52K) Necessary preliminary tasks: Secure engine. Remove reinforcement plate. Remove heat shields. Remove engine support arm. Release screws (1) and remove engine

 Transmission Suspension

REPLACING RUBBER MOUNT FOR TRANSMISSION MOUNTING Special Tools Required: 22 1 016 22 1 010 SET OF TOOLS 22 1 017 22 1 010 SET OF TOOLS 22 1 101 22 1 100 FIXTURE 22 1 102 22 1 100 FIXTURE 22 1 10

 Engine And Gearbox Suspension (V8 N62TU)


 Removing And Installing Outer Fold Adapter

Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove outer fold trim. Remove rear panel trim. Partially remove seat cover with padding. Release screw. Release screw (1). Unclip trim (2) at top. Carefully tighten follower (2) on seat cushion frame. Feed trim (2) out of seat mechanism. REMOVING AND INSTALLI

 Lane departure warning

Principle The lane departure warning alerts when the vehicle is about to run off the road or exit the lane. General information This camera-based system warns starting at a minimum speed. The minimum speed is country-specific and is displayed in the menu for the intelligent Safety systems. Warning

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