BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Replacing Trim For Central Information Display (CID)

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Carefully release catches (1).


Catches (1) must not be damaged.

Video and TV Equipment
Fig. 35: Identifying Catches

Carefully raise trim (2).

Disconnect plug connection (1) and remove trim (2) from CID.

Video and TV Equipment
Fig. 36: Identifying Plug Connection With Raise Trim


Necessary preliminary tasks:

Release screws (1) and feed out CID (2) towards bottom.

Video and TV Equipment
Fig. 37: Identifying Central Information Display

Disconnect plug connections (1) and unclip cable from holders (2).

Remove CID (3).


Holders (2) must not be damaged! Make sure cable is correctly routed through holders (2).

Video and TV Equipment
Fig. 38: Identifying Speaker Screws


 Removing And Installing Rear Cabin Monitor (Complete)

Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove fresh-air grille in rear cabin. Remove trim from rear cabin monitor base at front. Release screws (1) and remove rear cabin monitor with holder (2). Disconnec

 Removing And Installing/Replacing Trim For Rear Cabin Monitor Base At Rear

Special tools required: 00 9 340 Using special tool 00 9 340 , unclip trim (1) on both sides. Fig. 43: Identifying Special Tool (00 9 340) Unclip trim (1) with special tool 00 9 340 and remove. Re

 Airbag Trigger Device


 Active seat ventilation

Principle Integrated fans in the seat and armrest areas provide a comfortable seat temperature. Overview Active seat ventilation Turning on 1. Press the button. 2. Select the ventilation level: Press the button once for each level. Turn the Controller until the desired level is reached. Press

 General information - Vehicle key

General information Depending on the equipment version, the scope of delivery includes two vehicle keys or one vehicle key and the BMW display key. Each vehicle key contains a replaceable battery. Depending on the equipment and country version, various settings can be configured for the button fun

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