BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Propeller Shaft


 Propeller Shaft Assembly

 Overview (Inserted Propeller Shaft)

Fig. 1: Overview Of Inserted Propeller Shaft Complete propeller shaft Flexible disc Centering mount Centre mount REMOVING AND INSTALLING PROPELLER SHAFT (INSERTED) COMPLETELY Special tools requ

 Replacing Centre Mount Gaiter

Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove propeller shaft. NOTE: The propeller shaft is balanced. The front and rear propeller shafts must be reassembled in the same position. Detach gaiter (1) from gr


 Fuel Volume Testing

Some driveability concerns are related to incorrect fuel volume. Vehicles with lack of power complaints and mixture related fault codes may have insufficient fuel volume supplied to the fuel injection system. These vehicles may actually pass a fuel pressure test. Fuel volume issues can be caused

 Removing And Installing/Replacing Chain Module For Oil Pump/Vacuum Pump (N52K)

Special tools required: 00 9 140 11 0 290 11 0 300 11 4 120 11 4 280 11 4 360 11 4 362 11 4 440 11 5 200 11 9 280 IMPORTANT: Aluminium-magnesium materials. No steel screws/bolts may be used due to the threat of electrochemical corrosion. A magnesium crankcase requires aluminium screws/

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