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BMW X5: Removing And Installing/Replacing Centering Mount For Propeller Shaft

BMW X5 (G05) 2019-2024 Service & Repair Manual / Propeller Shaft / Propeller Shaft Assembly / Removing And Installing/Replacing Centering Mount For Propeller Shaft

Special tools required:

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Fill centering bore (1) completely with viscous grease.

Drive special tool 11 1 310 with a plastic hammer into centering bore.

The centering mount (1) is forced out of the propeller shaft by the pressure on the grease filling.

If necessary, top up grease repeatedly.

NOTE: To drive out the mount, you can also fill the centering bore with water instead of grease.

Propeller Shaft Assembly
Fig. 19: Identifying Centering Bore And Special Tool (11 1 310)


Remove grease/water from mount bore.

Drive in centering (1) with special tools 11 2 030 and 00 5 500 into propeller shaft (observe protrusion).

Grease centering mount.

Propeller Shaft Assembly
Fig. 20: Identifying Centering And Special Tool (11 2 030 And 00 5 500)


Observe protrusion A = 4+2 mm of centering (1).

Propeller Shaft Assembly
Fig. 21: Protrusion Dimensions Of Centering


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