BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Replacing Centre Mount Gaiter

Necessary preliminary tasks:

NOTE: The propeller shaft is balanced. The front and rear propeller shafts must be reassembled in the same position.

Detach gaiter (1) from groove (2).

Mark front propeller shaft (3) and rear propeller shaft (4) in one plane.

Propeller Shaft Assembly
Fig. 13: Identifying Gaiter, Groove, Front Propeller Shaft And Rear Propeller Shaft

Pull propeller shaft apart.

Propeller Shaft Assembly
Fig. 14: Pulling Propeller Shaft


If necessary, insert new clamping ring (1) into front propeller shaft (2).

Propeller Shaft Assembly
Fig. 15: Identifying Clamping Ring And Front Propeller Shaft

Release gaiter (1) with screwdriver from groove (2) and pull off over longitudinal splines.


Apply an even coating of grease to longitudinal splines on shaft.

Grease, refer to BMW Service Operating Fluids.

Observe markings and force front propeller shaft onto longitudinal splines (markings must be flush).

Push gaiter (1) during installation into groove (2) and make sure it is firmly seated.

Propeller Shaft Assembly
Fig. 16: Identifying Gaiter And Groove


Necessary preliminary tasks:

NOTE: To protect universal joints, tie back propeller shaft in area of centre mount.

Release screws and remove flexible disk (1) from propeller shaft.

IMPORTANT: Replace shiny ZNS bolts and self-locking nuts.

Tightening torque and angle of rotation: 26 11 1AZ.


Propeller Shaft Assembly
Fig. 17: Locating Self-Locking Nuts


Check centring mount.

Replace damaged centring mount.

Grease centring mount.

Propeller Shaft Assembly
Fig. 18: Locating Centering Mount


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