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 General information

Media at a glance You can use various media formats to call up the content in the Owner's Manual. The following Owner's Manual media formats are available: Printed Owner's Manual. Integrated Owner'

 Integrated Owner's Manual in the vehicle

Principle The Integrated Owner's Manual specifically describes features and functions found in the vehicle. The Integrated Owner's Manual can be displayed on the Control Display. Selecting the Owner'

 Quick reference


 Removing And Installing Transfer Box ATC 700 (Automatic Transmission)

IMPORTANT: After replacement, the "Repair" service function must be carried out with in the BMW diagnosis system. WARNING: Danger to life! Mount securing fixture for vehicle on lifting platform. See MOUNT SECURING FIXTURE FOR VEHICLE ON LIFTING PLATFORM to prevent the vehicle from slipping off or

 Removing And Installing All Ventilation Grilles On Centre Console

Version with rear cabin fan only: Unclip ventilation grille (1). Unclip operating unit (1). Unclip lever (1) from operating unit. Unclip air outlet grille (1) on left and right with plastic wedge. REMOVING AND INSTALLING MIDDLE TRIM FOR 3RD SEAT ROW Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove centre co

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