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The Integrated Owner's Manual specifically describes features and functions found in the vehicle.

The Integrated Owner's Manual can be displayed on the Control Display.

Selecting the Owner's Manual

1. Press the button.

2. "CAR".

3. "Owner's Manual".

4. Select the desired method of accessing the contents.

Scrolling through the Owner's Manual

Turn the Controller, until the next or previous contents are displayed.

Context help

General information

The Integrated Owner's Manual can be accessed from any menu. Depending on the selected function, either the associated description or the main menu of the Integrated Owner's Manual will be displayed.

Opening via iDrive

Change directly to the Options menu from the function on the Control Display:

1. Press the button.

2. "Help".

Opening when a Check Control message is displayed

Directly from the Check Control message on the Control Display: "Owner's Manual".


 Quick reference


 Opening and closing

Buttons on the vehicle key Unlocking Locking To open the tailgate Panic mode, pathway lighting Unlocking the vehicle Press the button on the vehicle key. Depending on the settings, either onl



RELAY CARRIER Place special tool 61 1 153 on relay carrier (1) and carefully pull in direction of arrow until retaining lugs (2) on relay carrier are raised. Fig. 257: Pulling Relay Carrier Pull relay carrier (2) in direction of arrow into first catch (3). Fig. 258: Pulling Relay Carrier Into Fir

 Manual Emergency Release Of Transmission Lock

In the event of a power supply interruption, e.g. flat battery or electrical fault, the transmission lock must be manually released, otherwise the wheel will be locked and the vehicle cannot be moved. IMPORTANT: Secure vehicle against rolling, e.g. with chocks. Press the brake pedal when manually

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