BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Oil Filling, Dipstick


Necessary preliminary tasks:

NOTE: For purposes of clarity, this work step is shown on the engine after it has been removed.

Unlock and detach vacuum line (1).

Release screws and remove check valve (2).

Remove guide tube (3) upwards.


Replace sealing ring on guide tube.

Apply light coat of oil to seal.

Replacing sealing ring on check valve pipe.

Apply light coat of oil to seal.

Oil Filling, Dipstick
Fig. 714: Locating Vacuum Line And Check Valv

Assemble engine.

Check engine for leaks.


 Water Pump With Drive

REMOVING AND INSTALLING/REPLACING WATER PUMP (N62/N62TU) WARNING: Only carry out work on the cooling system after the engine has cooled down (risk of scalding ). Follow instructions for working on c


REMOVING AND INSTALLING OR REPLACING FAN CLUTCH (N62) Special tools required: 11 5 040 11 5 050 CAUTION: Left-hand threads. Using special tool 11 5 050 brace against pulley and unfasten cap nut fr

 Thermostat And Connecting

REMOVING AND INSTALLING/REPLACING COOLANT THERMOSTAT (N62) WARNING: Danger of scalding! Only perform these tasks on an engine that has cooled down. Recycling: Catch and dispose of drained coolant. Ob


 Night Vision with pedestrian and animal detection

Principle Night Vision with pedestrian and animal detection is a night vision system. An infrared camera scans the area in front of the vehicle and issues a warning if it detects pedestrians and animals on the street. General information The system detects warm objects that are similar in shape to

 Intermediate stop

Refueling Fuel cap 1. To open the fuel filler flap, press on the rear edge, arrow. The fuel filler flap opens. 2. Turn the fuel cap counterclockwise. 3. Place the fuel cap in the bracket attached to the fuel filler flap. Gasoline For the best fuel efficiency, the gasoline should be sulfur-free or

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