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BMW X5: KDS Chassis/Wheel Alignment Check With Ride-Height Measurement Without Load

BMW X5 (G05) 2019-2023 Service & Repair Manual / Steering And Wheel Alignment / Electronic Chassis Alignment / KDS Chassis/Wheel Alignment Check With Ride-Height Measurement Without Load

IMPORTANT: Do not carry out chassis/wheel alignment without load:

  1. If the technical preconditions for alignment with ride height input are not in place
  2. If, in spite of repairs having been carried out, the car's ride height between the left and right sides is still outside the tolerance
  3. If the vehicles in question have been involved in an accident


  • Read and comply with General information and definitions.
  • Read and comply with General chassis definition.


  • Check compliance with test conditions , bring vehicle to a stop if necessary.
  • If the ride height is outside the tolerance range (+40/ -20 mm), the vehicle must be loaded and measured/aligned in the design position.
  • Calibrate reversing camera (RFK) after chassis/wheel alignment.

NOTE: The front and rear wheels must be positioned centrally on the rotary and sliding plates.

Electronic Chassis Alignment
Fig. 20: Identifying Rotary And Sliding Plates

NOTE: When using quick-clamping units, perform RIM RUNOUT COMPENSATION after installing the pickups.

Electronic Chassis Alignment
Fig. 21: Attaching Quick-Clamping Holder/Quick-Clamping Unit To Front Wheel

Electronic Chassis Alignment
Fig. 22: Identifying Spoiler Adapter

Electronic Chassis Alignment
Fig. 23: Locating Brake Tensioner


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