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BMW X5: Introduction

Fig. 1: Identifying 8-Cylinder Spark-Ignition Engine N62TU E60, E61, E63, E64, E65, E66, E70


The N62TU is an advanced development of the N62.

> N62TU

The 8-cylinder spark-ignition engine N62TU has been modified. Compared to the N62, the engine develops more output and torque.

The N62TU is available in 2 displacement versions: 4.0 liter and 4.8 liter. The current version of the digital engine electronics is the DME 9.2.2.

The N62TU is currently installed in the E65, E66 (BMW 7-Series).

Further installation schedule:

> E60, E61 (BMW 5-Series) and E63, E64 (BMW 6-Series): from 09/2005
> E63, E64 (BMW 6-Series): from 09/2005

New features on the N62TU:

  • 2-stage differentiated intake manifold with 2 DISA servomotors (each DISA servomotor has one output stage)
  • EURO 4 emissions standard without secondary air system
  • Hot-film air-mass sensor with digital signal
  • Electronic oil level control

> N62TU upgraded

Introduction schedule:

> E60, E61: from 03/2007
> E63, E64: from 09/2007
> E65, E66: from 09/2007
> E70 (BMW X5): from 09/2006

New features on the N62TU:

  • New digital engine electronics (DME 9.2.3)
  • New D-CAN diagnosis interface
    D-CAN is a new diagnosis interface with a new communication protocol (supersedes the previous OBD interface). D-CAN transfers data between the vehicle and the BMW diagnosis system (DCAN = "Diagnosis-on CAN"). D-CAN is first being introduced on the E70.

> E65, E66 (US version only)

  • CO2 measures (Europe version only):
    • Increased idling speed (for limited time) after a cold start to heat up the catalysts more quickly. In addition, modifications to the engine settings produce improved residual gas combustion.
    • Active air flap control
      Active air flap control will be introduced on the E60, E61 in 03/2007 (introduction on E70 in 09/2007).
    • Intelligent alternator regulation (sales designation: "Brake Energy Regeneration"). Intelligent alternator regulation is first being introduced on the E60, E61 (introduction on the E70 in 09/2007).

Engine-specific data:

The 8-cylinder spark-ignition engine is characterized by the following technical features:




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