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BMW X5: Initial Operation With Test Run Of Dynamic Drive

BMW X5 (G05) 2019-2024 Service & Repair Manual / Integrated Suspension Systems / General / Initial Operation With Test Run Of Dynamic Drive

NOTE: The Service function Initial operation of Dynamic Drive must be carried out after:

Bleeding power steering:

IMPORTANT: Adhere to the utmost cleanliness. Do not allow any dirt to enter the hydraulic system.

Using contaminated equipment to add fluid may introduce dirt particles into the fluid reservoir and significantly reduce the service life of the power steering system. Do not use any filler funnels or similar! Use only Pentosin CHF11S from original containers! The fill level may only be checked or adjusted when the engine is stopped! The fluid temperature should be approx. 20ºC here.

Ensure that the cap is fully screwed in prior to the fill level check.

NOTE: To avoid mix-ups when filling with hydraulic fluid, mark the fluid reservoirs or their caps with identification marks.

CHF Pentosin CHF11S

Fig. 11: Identifying CHF Pentosin CHF11S

  1. Thoroughly clean fluid reservoir and its immediate surroundings
  2. Check and correct fill level

NOTE: The fill level can come to rest above the "MAX" mark when the engine is at normal operating temperature. This is dictated by the design in that the marking on the dipstick is referred to a fluid temperature of 20ºC. With the engine at normal operating temperature (approx. 50-60ºC fluid temperature) adjust a fill height 15 mm above the "MAX" mark. Do not under any circumstances draw off the fluid to the "MAX" mark when the engine is at normal operating temperature.

Hydraulic fluid: BMW Service Operating Fluids

  1. Start engine
  2. Turn steering wheel left and right twice in each case up to full lock; if necessary, top up hydraulic fluid (e.g. if hydraulic system is completely drained)
  3. Move steering wheel to straight-ahead position and turn off engine
  4. Check and correct fill level with engine stopped
  5. Check hydraulic system for leaks

Performing initial operation with test run:

WARNING: Danger of injury!

Vehicle executes heavy rolling motions during initial operation! Therefore observe the following instructions without fail:

  1.  Check load; if necessary, remove load from the vehicle
  2. Bring engine up to operating temperature

NOTE: Hydraulic fluid temperature must be between 50ºC and 70ºC (vehicle at normal operating temperature)

  1. Connect vehicle to DIS or MoDiC
  2. Start initial operation in SERVICE FUNCTIONS. Follow instructions in DIS.
  3. Check and correct fill level with engine stopped


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