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BMW X5: Stamping Vehicle Identification Number

BMW X5 (G05) 2019-2024 Service & Repair Manual / Body / Stamping Vehicle Identification Number

Special tools required:

NOTE: If the stamped vehicle identification number is removed during repair work, it must be stamped in again.

Read and comply with General Information.

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Special tool kit 41 1 190 for stamping vehicle identification number consists of:

Guide plate 41 1 191

Counter-plate 41 1 192

Fig. 17: Identifying Special Tool (41 1 192)

Position counter-plate 41 1 192 at bottom on spring strut dome.

Position guide plate 41 1 191 at top on spring strut dome and tighten down screws (1).

Fig. 18: Identifying Special Tool (41 1 191)

NOTE: The illustration is a schematic representation and is to be applied to the relevant vehicle type.

Insert punch numbers 41 0 000 (1) individually into guide plate (2) and stamp vehicle identification number.

Fig. 19: Identifying Punch And Guide Plate

NOTE: In the event of component or body replacement by the workshops/garages, clearly delimit the vehicle identification number at front and rear by stamping a "+" in place of the BMW emblem.

Note national regulations.


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