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BMW X5: Ignition Wires, Spark Plugs


Ignition Wires, Spark Plugs

Ignition Wires, Spark Plugs
Fig. 3: Firing Order (V8)


Special tools required:

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Unscrew spark plugs with special tool 12 1 171.


Tighten down spark plugs with special tool 12 1 171 and special tool 12 1 172 (torque limiter).

Without special tool 12 1 172, observe tightening torque.

Tightening torque 12 12 1AZ.

Ignition Wires, Spark Plugs
Fig. 4: Tightening Down Spark Plugs With Special Tool 12 1 171 And 12 1 172


 Ignition Coil

NOTES ON CHECKING IGNITION SYSTEM Troubleshooting Fault in fuel injection system Spark plug faults Ignition coil faults Further fault patterns with evaluation Additional fault notes for troubles

 Electronic Switching Or Control Unit

REPLACING CONTROL UNIT (VALVETRONIC) Switch off ignition. Follow instructions for disconnecting and connecting battery. Disconnect battery. CAUTION: Follow instructions for removing and installing e

 Alternator With Drive And Mount

REPLACING ALTERNATOR BELT PULLEY Special tools required: 12 7 110 Remove and install alternator drive belt. Depending on alternator type, grip shaft with: hexagon socket multi-tooth socket or


 Differential With Bearing

REPLACING SHAFT SEAL FOR RIGHT OUTPUT SHAFT Special tools required: 31 4 160 Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove right output shaft. Lever shaft seal (1) out of bearing block with a screwdriver (2). Fig. 117: Identifying Shaft Seal And Screwdriver Installing shaft seal: NOTE: The installation

 USB connection

General information The following mobile devices can be connected to the USB port: Mobile phones. Audio devices such as MP3 players. USB storage devices. Common file systems are supported. FAT32 and exFAT are the recommended formats. A connected USB device will be supplied with charge current

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