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BMW X5: Fuel Volume Testing

Some driveability concerns are related to incorrect fuel volume. Vehicles with lack of power complaints and mixture related fault codes may have insufficient fuel volume supplied to the fuel injection system. These vehicles may actually pass a fuel pressure test.

Fuel volume issues can be caused by faulty fuel pumps, fuel pressure regulators, clogged or restricted fuel filters and/or fuel lines.

If these driveability concerns are present, then a fuel volume test should be performed. A fuel volume test measures the amount of fuel delivered in a specific time frame.

The fuel pump is activated during this test using the proper test leads to ensure no arcing sparks are present. The fuel feed line is directed to a non-breakable (fuel-proof plastic) measuring can that has graduations for measurement.

Engine Diagnosis
Fig. 15: Checking Fuel Volume Using Measuring Can

A general specification for fuel volume would be approximately one liter in 30 seconds.

Residual Pressure

Fuel injection systems require a residual pressure to present after the engine is switched off. This allows the engine to start immediately after the vehicle has been parked.

If the residual fuel pressure diminishes after the vehicle has been shut off. Upon restart, there will be an extended cranking period before engine start. This is due to the fuel pump attempting to supply enough fuel for startup.

When the fuel system is at rest, there a three components which allow the fuel system to retain sufficient residual pressure. These items are, the fuel pump check valve, the fuel pressure regulator and the fuel injectors.


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