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BMW X5: Front Axle + Steering: Wheel/Chassis Alignment Check Must Be Carried Out After The Following Work

BMW X5 (G05) 2019-2023 Service & Repair Manual / Steering And Wheel Alignment / Electronic Chassis Alignment / Front Axle + Steering: Wheel/Chassis Alignment Check Must Be Carried Out After The Following Work

Electronic Chassis Alignment
Fig. 3: Identifying Front Axle Components

A wheel/chassis alignment check must be carried out after the following work:


Electronic Chassis Alignment
Fig. 4: Overview Of Steering

  1. Tie rod end/tie rod/gaiter
  2. Power steering gear
  3. Vane pump
  4. Oil container
  5. Bearing plate
  6. Sleeve
  7. Overview of steering (interior)
  8. Steering spindle middle section
  9. Steering spindle lower section
  10. Adjustment work
  11. Testing
  12. Troubleshooting


Electronic Chassis Alignment
Fig. 5: Overview Of Active Front Steering

  1. Power steering gear
  2. Eco valve (on power steering pump)
  3. Control unit


Electronic Chassis Alignment
Fig. 6: Overview Of Steering (Interior)

  1. Airbag unit
  2. Steering wheel
  3. Upper steering column casing
  4. Steering column
  5. Lower steering column casing
  6. Steering angle sensor


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