BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Front Axle Gearbox


 Changing Front Differential Oil

WARNING: Danger of poisoning if oil is ingested/absorbed through the skin! Risk of injury if oil comes into contact with eyes and skin! IMPORTANT: Use only the approved front differential oil in this

 Removing And Installing/Replacing Front Differential

WARNING: Danger to life! Mount securing fixture for vehicle on lifting platform to prevent the vehicle from slipping off or tilting down. Secure engine in installation position to prevent it from fal

 Replacing Radial Seal For Drive Flange Of Front Differential

Special tools required: 23 0 020 31 5 130 33 1 150 Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove reinforcement plate. Mark position of nut with respect to shaft with punch marks (arrow). Lever out lock


 Piezo Element

The movement of the nozzle needle in the injector is generated no longer by a solenoid coil but rather by a piezo-element. A piezo-element is an electromechanical converter, i.e. it consists of a ceramic material which converts electrical energy directly into mechanical energy (force/travel).

 System Functions

The following system functions are described: Power management Electronic immobilizer Comfort start Air supply: 2-stage differentiated air intake system "DISA" Charge monitoring "Valvetronic" variable valve gear "VANOS" variable camshaft control Fuel supply system Fuel injection Ignition-

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