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BMW X5: Navigation Systems


All model series:

CAUTION: Risk of damage! The navigation computer must not be disconnected from the power supply while the LED on the computer remains lit (the LED goes out after approx.

1 minute).

NOTE: To ensure full operation of all the communications components, it is necessary in new cars to insert a Road Map CD in the navigation computer.

This is absolutely essential as certain functions are disabled for distribution channels.

These functions will only be available again after a Road Map CD has been inserted. The mode preset at the factory is automatically reset when this CD is inserted.

Software installation:

The navigation software must be loaded with terminal 15 activated and the navigation system ready for operation.

Make sure there is a stable power supply. If necessary, connect a battery charger to the vehicle.

The charging operation must not be interrupted (terminal 15 remains activated).

When replacing navigation computer:

From E65/66:

E46 (with radio navigation) only:

When replacing navigation computer:

NOTE: The ignition must not be turned off and then on again during this procedure.

The software is loaded when the operating software CD is ejected.


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